Our Services


Ayer Associates are a multi-disciplinary consulting firm of Chartered Surveyors, providing property, development and facilities management consultancy solutions across the built environment – a total solution approach to create value and save money.

With over 30 years’ experience, we understand the value of going the extra mile. We don’t skimp or shirk our responsibilities, we always make the extra effort our clients have come to respect us for.

We offer a full range of professional services providing reliable, commercial and professional knowledge to support our client’s built environment across all stages of the property and construction life-cycle – covering acquisition, development, maintenance, compliance and disposal.

Advisory Services

Providing our clients with an informed range of high quality, high value consultancy and advisory services to support the strategic planning, creation and management of their property portfolio and assets.

Working with a range of clients across the public and private sectors, our advisory and consulting service teams focus on our clients’ key issues and challenges across their property portfolios, built assets, services and equipment. Providing the know-how and functional expertise to identify the best solutions that capture value whilst optimising performance.


To capture this value, our specialist advisors and consultants work in true partnership with our clients to gain a deep understanding of their built environment to meet short, medium and long-term property requirements and business objectives. From day-to-day operations and stand-alone services through to improving value, eliminating inefficiency, waste reduction, service redesign and scalable programs, we help our clients to transform their built environment.


Our independent approach combined with our experience gained across diverse sectors through our people and process driven tools, has enabled Ayer Associates to build a unique knowledge bank to provide the insights and intelligence to help our clients make informed decisions.


Insights and intelligence that support our capability to improve service performance, increase capacity, optimise capital investment, mitigate risk and achieve operational efficiencies. Helping our clients to achieve outstanding results and meet their objectives.


Our professional and trusted advisors can help you achieve transformational change across your built assets and related services in Affordable Housing, Commercial Property, Community Use, Education, Healthcare, Industrial, Local and Central Government, Regeneration and Historic Conservation, Residential, Retail and Social Care sectors.

Building Surveying Services

Our clients across public and private sectors, from local authorities, housing associations, healthcare and education providers through to commercial property, private equity and major corporations, recognise Ayer Associates Building Surveying teams as experts in their field.

Ayer Associates’ building surveyors are highly regarded for their technical skills and detailed knowledge across construction processes for new build, renovation, conservation and maintenance projects and all existing property related matters.

With a proven experience across a range of public sector frameworks and direct appointments, our capability to support central government and government agencies across their property portfolios is well tested. Our experts are highly experienced at providing services for Real Estate management strategies, Hard FM and Soft FM service initiatives, FM service benchmarking and FM services procurement through to delivering change management/review programmes.


We understand the dynamic nature of government projects and at Ayer Associates our qualified consultants are on hand to help drive and implement change that improve services whilst reducing expenditure – Delivering high impact projects on time and in budget.

Employer’s Agent Services

Operating in both the public and private sectors, our highly experienced Employer’s Agents act as the conduit to deliver award-winning schemes for new-build and refurbishment projects.

As a multi-disciplinary consultancy, Ayer Associates provide qualified intermediary and representative Employer’s Agent services on behalf of clients and developers, to bring together design and construction teams that deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions.


Deployed at the earliest opportunity of the design phase, our specialist teams are well placed to outstrip our clients brief. Achieved through a collaborative and inclusive approach with all project stakeholders to ensure the project scope is viable and achievable within the cost framework.


Backed by strong technical skills with commercial acumen, our Employers Agents have the required analytical approach, tool sets and process methodology to establish clear reporting and communication channels that successfully monitor, measure and manage projects from start to finish.


So, no matter what the project requirements are, from pre-contract to post-contract or whole of life, when a project requires an employer’s agent, Ayer Associates will provide a bespoke service to meet your project brief to bring the right blend of value and quality for project completion.


Facilities Management Services

Open, transparent and trustworthy is who we are. Devising clean, safe and inspired workplace facilities management solutions is what we do.

Ayer Associates experienced Facilities Management Advisors work with businesses, local authorities, architects, engineers and contractors to deliver workspaces and buildings that are safe, green, cost effective and great places to work. We use our experience to provide day to day practical guidance and advice with forward thinking strategic solutions that transform tomorrows work place.

Our role as a specialist independent advisor is wholly focused on our client’s priorities. Providing our clients with the knowledge and assurance that their property assets and equipment are managed efficiently and effectively, freeing up the time to focus on protecting the productivity and profitability of their core business.


Our expert advisors are highly experienced at facilities management strategies, Hard FM and Soft FM service initiatives and solutions, change management/review programs, relocation and moves projects, reactive and planned maintenance schedules, minor works or large-scale service improvement and facilities refurbishment projects.


At Ayer Associates we understand that all corporate standards and style reflect their unique business culture and ethos, and we quickly grasp and implement our client’s standards into the service initiatives to reflect and transform their workplaces on the inside and the outside.

Project Management Services

We don’t just manage. The strength of our Project Management service is our capability to deliver value for money, mitigate risks, maintain safety, ensure quality and maximise investment.

Our inherent knowledge of the built environment together with our technical understanding of construction, building pathology, new builds, refurbishments, dilapidations, landlord and tenant related matters enables us to do more than just realise our client’s aspirations. Bringing a project management focus means our practitioners retain a strategic view of the project. Whilst maintaining diligence over the essential project processes, our practitioners look for innovation, risk mitigation and importantly collaboration with project participants.


We believe that we are industry leading in this approach, providing an emphasis on front loading project controls and definition with an early focus on risk and opportunity.


As a key enabling service, project management is at the heart of everything we do, we commit and invest into each project the key fundamentals of understanding the project definition and development cycle by tailoring the specific needs of each project to the business drivers and desired outcomes of our clients. Achieved, by adopting a planned, controlled and organised approach from the front-end development and appraisal of the project, feasibility and conceptual studies, through to managing the detail design, construction and commissioning stages.


Whether our clients are undertaking a New Build, Category A, Improvements or Refurbishment project, we can either manage our client’s projects in an independent capacity, as part of a team, provide a turn key solution to meet specific needs or take responsibility for the whole project.


Our Project Management specialists can operate at selected or all stages of the project life cycle to encompass Strategy & Planning, Design & Procurement, Construction & Delivery through to Asset Management & Statutory Compliance.

Quantity Surveying Services

Ayer Associates’ Quantity Surveying teams provide tailored and flexible services to best serve and safeguard our clients’ interests. Our experienced Quantity Surveying teams have an unmatched track record of managing construction project costs across Local Government, Affordable Housing, Health and Education Sectors.

Ayer Associates clients are provided the flexibility to engage our Quantity Surveying teams on single packages or total integrated solutions. Tailored flexibility to best serve and protect our clients’ interests with the highest levels of project control and value for money delivery.

‘Value for Money’ – is often measured against cost, time and quality. Parameters achieved by our professional and expert Quantity Surveying teams.

Our extensive cost databases along with our unrivalled understanding of value management tools and value engineering techniques are skill sets that take the guess work out of projects. Ayer Associates skill sets that our clients rely upon and utilise to define, manage and implement cost controls from project inception, through design changes and development, procurement, and onto project completion and handover.

Our philosophy and our aim is to provide commercial solutions that work – that simple. Our teams will make unique, significant and sustainable improvements to our clients’ property related projects and businesses, By:


  • Delivering or clients projects safely, within budget and on time.
  • Gain value for money through a consistent process of assessment and
  • Mitigate risks throughout a project lifecycle by consistent management and monitoring.

Risk Management Services

Ayer Associates Risk Management Services help identify, assess and protect our clients, their people, property, projects and stakeholders from risk.

Risk comes in all forms and the built environment is no exception, facing a range of risks that can determine success or failure for all businesses in any environment. By working with Ayer Associates our clients gain clarity on risks to make informed decisions.


Ayer Associates’ team of risk management professionals, have the in-depth knowledge, experience and expertise to understand and assess our client’s specific risks. Working with you to mitigate and manage risk by adopting a pro-active approach to identify, analyse, monitor and manage potential threats, risk and uncertainty as well as viewing such issues from the opposite direction and identifying opportunities at the same time.


By working across the built environment on asset management, construction projects, environmental risk, health & safety, facilities management, property legislation and regulatory requirements, our risk management professionals provide the strategic advice to break down complex issues into practical straightforward solutions.